About us

"Creating maximum added value for the infrastructure owner and the consumer"
IMAGINE: Co-Creatie business model
SMART: Connectivity
CHARGING: Electrification

CenEnergy combines its own range of superior-quality products, developed in Belgium, which are sustainable (no plastics), reliable (high-end components) and perfectly designed, with a total service offer.
We stand out thanks to our experience in the field and the expertise that we have developed in the electric mobility and ICT sectors.
We are the sole owner of the concept, from the production phase to after-sales service. This means we are able to manage and implement each project from start to finish and allow transparent follow-up by our clients.

"Wij geloven in het optimaliseren van uw energie-efficiëntie door het connecteren van al uw apparaten. 360° energiediensten met betrekking tot e-mobiliteit."

We offer a user-friendly system integrated into the grid, with a total renewable energy service.
Thanks to this system, you can charge your vehicle the smart way: in the right place, at the right time and with the right amount of energy.
Our charging solutions are future-proof and can be used both for charging and to supply energy.
We follow the latest technological progress carefully so that we can respond to the most recent developments and offer you optimal support while adapting our services and our products to the needs of tomorrow.